Typing Services . . .

We specialize in typing services and transcribe standard and micro sized tapes. We also offer digital transcription via internet.

We will accept personal, business, federal, state, and educational transcription including, but not limited to: interviews, speeches, meetings, reports, telephone conversations, book manuscripts, movie scripts, legal, light medical, psychology, letters, diaries, thesis, etc.

Tapes will be transcribed to your specifications.  Any pertinent information regarding the tapes should be included in the package. (See fees & mailing instructions.)

We charge by the hour, so the clearer the recording, the quicker it will go!

  Typing Services. . .

We accept handwritten or typewritten materials which will be treated with confidentiality and returned in their entirety.

We have been typing over 25 years and some of the businesses we are familiar with include legal, general practice medical, psychology, physical therapy, architectural, federal, state, educational, television, entertainment and journalism.

All typing is charged by time, therefore the neater your presentation, the faster it will be done.

We will type according to your specifications. Finished projects can be transmitted by internet and/or mail, according to Transcription Matters quality guidelines.

Sorry, but we do not do resumes.

We can be reached at:

  Transcription Express!

1784 W. Northfield Blvd.,
Suite 227
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

(615) 890-7700

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